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5 Commercial Roof Problems and Solutions

Your commercial roof does more than protect your business from bad weather. It enhances your business’ aesthetics while offering a means to cut power bills and promote employee safety. However, numerous problems can plague commercial roofs, resulting in costly repairs, shorter lifespan, and premature replacement.

Luckily, most of these roofing issues are preventable through regular maintenance and timely repairs. Learn five common threats to your commercial roof and how to handle them.

1. Punctures

Roof punctures are a common but often overlooked commercial roofing problem. They emanate from intense pressure or weight on the roof, resulting in small holes. Punctures are dangerous since they are easy to ignore and can cause tremendous damage to your roof and building. They allow moisture into vulnerable roof areas like ceiling joists, fascia boards, and rafters.
Preventing punctures can be as simple as avoiding roof traffic and scheduling a roof inspection after a storm. Strong winds can lead to punctures when debris hits your roof. Replacing old roofs can also go a long way to prevent punctures since old roofs are more susceptible to punctures.

2. Tree Damage

Although trees boost your commercial space’s curb appeal and aesthetics, they can be bad for your roof. For instance, overhanging branches can scratch your roof while acting as a highway for critters like squirrels and rats to access and nest on your roof. Also, during inclement weather, trees can collapse on your roof, causing extensive damage.
You can avoid tree damage in several ways. First, trim overhanging branches and twigs too close to your roof. Second, since young trees will pose a threat to your roof in the future, make a habit of pruning them to delay growth. Lastly, if clogged gutters due to leaf accumulation is an issue, invest in gutter guards.

3. Leaks

A roof leak is problematic and often results in wet insulation, structural deterioration, mold problems, water damage, slips and falls, and fire hazards. Also, water and moisture from a leak can ruin your inventory, equipment, and supplies.
The best way to handle this common and expensive roofing problem is to act preventatively. Start by scheduling regular inspections to keep your roof in excellent shape and detect any leaks before they turn into a nightmare. Then, take measures such as investing in attic ventilation, maintaining gutters, installing roof deck protection, and inspecting skylights to prevent leaks.

4. Poor Installation

A poorly installed roof is more susceptible to leaks, pests, blistering, ponding water, and other roofing issues than a well-installed one. It has a reduced lifespan and may require recurrent repairs, increasing your operating costs and hurting your bottom line. Also, such a roof poses safety issues and may compromise your business’ and workers’ safety.
Commercial roof installation should never be a DIY project or one left to amateurs. Consider working with a reputable roofing contractor for the best outcomes. The contractor should be trained and experienced in commercial roofing and use high-quality materials and equipment. Do not be tempted to hire overly inexpensive contractors as they may be inexperienced and use substandard roofing materials.

5. RLack of Maintenance

One of the most significant mistakes enterprises can make is taking a reactive approach to roofing whereby you focus on fixing problems rather than preventing them or lowering their magnitude when they occur. While your roof may be functional and not exhibit any problems, it can benefit from regular maintenance.
Proper maintenance is a low-cost way to keep your roof functional and identify issues early before they escalate. As such, create a proactive maintenance program for your commercial roof and reap the financial and safety benefits.
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