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Debunking Common Myths About Flat Roofs

A quality roof is critical for any successful brick-and-motor business. First, the roof protects your business from the outside elements, such as rain, snow, and other weather-related events. A well-constructed roof also keeps your building in great condition and adds to its structural integrity. And a flat roof can offer all these benefits and more.

Flat roofs are versatile and require minimal maintenance. But still, despite the many advantages, many business owners are hesitant to choose a flat roof due to numerous common misperceptions and abundant misinformation about low-slope roofs. Discover some flat-roof myths versus facts to help you make sound choices.


Certainly, flat roofs feature less drainage than sloped roofs, leading many people to think flat roofs are likely to leak more often. However, the truth is that flat roofs have fewer seams than sloped roofs and only require proper installation and regular maintenance to remain watertight.

Additionally, thanks to the roof’s versatility, you can boost your roof’s drainage if you wish. For instance, you may add drains or scuppers. But ensure the features are always clean. Otherwise, blockage from debris may cause water to pool on your roof.


Many business owners will agree that they primarily avoid flat roofs due to durability concerns. However, the truth is that any roof’s strength and durability primarily depend on the type of material and the installation process. As such, it is up to you to look for a reliable roofing material supplier and choose a reputable contractor for a quality installation guarantee.

Besides, you must invest in proper flat roof maintenance to maximize longevity. Inspect your roof regularly to catch issues early when they are easier and cheaper to repair. Also, schedule maintenance with a professional roofer to spruce up your roof and protect it from harmful elements.

Fix leaks as soon as you notice any water damage on your roof. Most importantly, reduce foot traffic on your roof and remove any debris that could block the drainage systems.


If your primary reason for not installing flat roofs is cost, you are missing out on the many benefits these roofs offer. Flat roofs are less expensive than sloped roofs because they require fewer materials and simpler installation processes.

Proper maintenance will mean you won’t spend much on frequent repairs and replacements. Plus, with the right installation techniques, you can expect extended protection from water damage.


The misconception that flat roofs are not energy efficient is not entirely true. Some assume that insulation on flat roofs is impossible, owing to the roof’s low-slope design.

However, you can still enjoy the advantages of energy efficiency with a flat roof. For instance, add an extra coating layer to reduce heat gain. You may also invest in an air barrier to restrict airflow and maintain consistent temperatures in your building.

If necessary, you can add a roof membrane, which adds a thermal barrier to your flat roof. But, most importantly, invest in proper roof maintenance. The reason is that cracks and gaps on your roof will allow air to escape and make it difficult to maintain the required temperatures.

Flat roofs are a sound choice for commercial building owners. Despite the common myths, flat roofs can offer greater benefits if properly installed and maintained.

Don’t let misperceptions stop you from considering and reaping the benefits of flat roofs. Instead, contact us at Commercial Solutions, Inc., for quality roof installation and maintenance services. We specialize in low-slope roofs for commercial buildings, so you are guaranteed superior services. In addition, our contractors will advise you on the best roofing materials, techniques, and maintenance practices.

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