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How To Choose A Commercial Roofing Contractor

The market size of commercial roofing in the US will reach USD14.2 billion by 2026. Increased demand for modern commercial roofing materials is expected to grow the market. Unrepaired commercial roofs pose many risks to the properties and workers. The more your commercial roof deteriorates, the more you get damage to your entire building. Other dangers include mold growth, injuries, and exposure to extreme weather. 

Repairing or installing a commercial roof is a complex and risky process. DIY repairs will damage your building more. Hiring a professional contractor is the right thing to do when it comes to your commercial roofing. There are several reasons you should take the time to look for the best commercial roofing company. The contractors understand the local building codes and safety standards.  As a result, you will avoid violations and mistakes that could cost you later.

Commercial roofers also have unique skills and expertise to promote safety and do quality work. Here is a complete guide to help you make the right choice.


There are many unqualified and unskilled commercial roofers you will come across. Being a span decision will lead you to fake and unprofessional contractors that will leave you frustrated. Avoid falling into the wrong hands by looking for references about the contractor first. Look for recommendations from people you can trust, such as employees and friends. General contractors, architects, and other professionals in the construction industry are also good sources of information. 


Professional commercial roofers must have legal licensing. Certified roofing contractors are well-trained to replace and repair all types of commercial roofs. The contractor should have a legal license from your state government. A licensed commercial roofer also understands all the building codes to ensure maximum safety for you and the workers.


The longer your commercial roof remains damaged, the faster your building deteriorates. Local commercial roofing companies are the best for faster service delivery. You will also not incur extra expenses to cater to the contractor’s transportation. A local roofing company will also honor the warranty when unexpected damages happen to your commercial roof.


Roofing is a risky task. Failing to hire an insured contractor will subject you to additional expenses you haven’t planned for. There are two types of insurance to consider. The first one is workers’ compensation, which covers the individual contractors. The insurance ensures that the company foots all the medical bills when the contractors get injured. The other type of insurance to consider is general liability. General liability will get you compensated in case a commercial roofer causes damage to your property.


The internet has made it easier to find all services you want. It would help if you took your time to check the websites of several commercial roofing contractors. Read the reviews from their past customers to avoid contractors with poor-quality services. Don’t also forget to contact the roofers for quotes/estimates. A good commercial roofing contractor should completely break down the charged prices.


Competency should be your main focus when hiring a commercial roofing company. Hire a contractor with adequate experience in the roofing industry. Experienced roofers have excellent skills to repair or replace even severely damaged commercial roofs. Check the contractor’s website to confirm their experience and work history in the roofing industry.

Commercial roofing problems can seriously affect your business if not addressed early. Damages to your commercial building will end up declining your workers’ performance and productivity. You also don’t want your property’s value to lapse. At Commercial Solutions, Inc., we’re competent in repairing, installing, and maintaining commercial flat roofs. Contact us today to get a quote.

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