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Should You Replace or Repair Your Commercial Roof?

When you install a commercial roof, the goal is for the roof to last for a long time. Unfortunately, many factors can cause damage to a roof. A roof without proper maintenance can also suffer from damage that prohibits its life.

When a problem with the roof exists, the owner of the building must decide between a roof replacement or a repair. Both options are an investment, but a replacement is significantly more expensive. However, a replacement is sometimes unavoidable. Both options have their pros and cons, so consider these several questions when you need to decide.


In some instances, the roof damage is in one area of the roof. Smaller areas are often easy to repair. If most of the roof is still in good shape and the insulation is still intact, a repair is also possible in most cases.

If the roof damage is over the majority of the roof or if the insulation is in poor shape, consider a replacement. You may also want to consider replacing the roof if the roof had previous repairs and those repairs did not stand the test of time.


If the damage is in a small corner of the building that the business does not use or heavily rely on, a repair may be all that is necessary.

However, if the damage is in an area that is crucial to the performance of the business, you may need to consider a replacement. For example, if the damaged portion of the roof is over an expensive piece of machinery, consider replacing the roof to preserve the integrity of the building and its contents.


If you currently own the building but think you may sell it in the near future, consider what you should do to ensure the roof passes inspection. The extent of the damage comes into play when you think about this decision. The roof must meet building codes for the property to sell. Inspect the roof to find out what the best recommendation is for the roof.

If the majority of the roof is in good shape and you can get by with repairing small leaks or minor damage, you can save money and time by just making the repairs.
If you plan to remain in the building for a while, the roof needs to remain in good condition. If you get a bad report during your maintenance inspection results, you may find a roof replacement is the better option.


You also need to think about how your roofing problems will impact the business within the building. The time of year is important to think about. If you have a busy season and roof work will interrupt the function of the business, you may need to just do minor repairs on the roof. Even if you still need to replace the roof, you can schedule it for a different time of year.

For instance, if the building is the home of a swimming pool store, you may not want to go through a full roof replacement in the busy summer season. Instead, wait until the winter season to replace your roof.

A healthy roof is vital for a commercial property. A business can suffer greatly if the roof is damaged or in bad shape. If you have any questions about commercial roofing, please contact us at Commercial Solutions, Inc. We look forward to helping you have the best roof possible, whether you need roof repair or replacement.

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