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5 Commercial Roof Maintenance Practices To Observe

Commercial roofs offer reliable protection against weather elements. As a property owner or manager, you should maintain these structures to protect your investment. This practice also helps you notice minor damages and fix them before they further compromise your roof. Besides, you can avoid premature wear and lower upkeep costs in the long run.

Discover five commercial roof maintenance practices to help you enjoy a longer lifespan.


A commercial roof leak can lead to structural damage if you don’t fix it promptly. It may also cause more losses through equipment and electrical wire damage. 

Look out for signs of leaks, such as a foul odor, bubbling paint, and mold growth on the walls or ceiling. Moreover, inspect your surfaces regularly for water puddles and stains. Other roof leak signs to observe are:

  • Blisters on the roof surface
  • Damaged flashing
  • Water stains on the ceiling

If you identify these signs, contact a commercial roofing company immediately. Such companies have experts that can quickly identify leaks and fix them with high-quality materials. They will also recommend practices and safety precautions to prevent water damage in the future. 


Commercial roofs may wear out before their lifespan due to constant exposure. Get professional inspection services at least a couple times a year to identify potential damage. This practice will help you fix undetected tears and weak spots. Besides, you can prevent accidents since commercial roof inspectors use the proper safety equipment when walking on these surfaces.

Most roof manufacturers require property owners to get professional inspections. Failure to take this measure can void your contract if the material suffers damage due to defects.

Get reliable roof inspection services to safeguard your manufacturer’s warranty and avoid losses. You should also call your contractors for these services after a storm or heavy snowfall.


Commercial roofs accumulate a lot of dirt due to their low slope. If you don’t clean the surface, the debris will retain moisture, making your roof prone to splits and blisters. This issue can also cause more damage and health hazards when pests and rodents infest the surface.

Hire commercial roof cleaners regularly to avoid such problems. Also, remove accumulated leaves and twigs if your building is around trees.

Taking these precautions will reduce fire hazards and improve energy efficiency. It also enhances the appearance of your property and protects your employees’ health.


Commercial gutters and drains prevent foundation damage and protect customers and employees from spills during the rainy seasons. Further, the structures avoid water accumulation and ice dams that could cause significant damage.

Unclog your gutters and drains to encourage free water flow. Also, hire a commercial roof contractor to help you install leaf filters and guards. These parts will capture debris in the water and eliminate the need to unclog downspouts frequently.


Tree branches that hang over your commercial roof can pose various dangers. First, they give rodents and other animals easy access to your property. Also, they can puncture the roofing material during storms and heavy rain.

Hire an expert to trim branches and prevent animals from causing damage. Moreover, plant new trees away from the building to reduce the leaves falling on the roof. This precaution will also lower future maintenance costs and safeguard your property.

Observing commercial roof maintenance practices can improve efficiency, prevent premature damage, and save money. However, these measures can be tricky to follow if you don’t have the proper skills. Hiring a commercial roofing company allows you to enjoy reliable maintenance and expert skills. This step also helps you eliminate recurring repairs and safety risks.

If you need a contractor to offer high-quality roof maintenance, contact Commercial Solutions, Inc., for an estimate.

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